Users can install the current version of with pip.

Recommended: Use Miniconda or Anaconda to install Python

With pip

pip install '[extras]'

Note: The Python package pandas is now an optional dependency of If you are unable to install pandas using pip, try conda install pandas. If you are unable to install pandas please open an issue on GitHub. Alternatively, you can try the following, to not install the extras dependency.

pip install

To upgrade an existing installation:

pip install '[extras]' --upgrade


If you wish to develop, first clone the repository from GitHub.

git clone

(Optional: Set up a virtual environment or a conda environment.)

Next install an editable version of

pip install -e '.[extras,dev]' --upgrade

In bash you may have to escape the brackets

pip install -e '.\[extras,dev\]' --upgrade

Support is currently supported on Windows (x86, x64), Mac (x86, x64) and Linux (x64) machines