Appveyor Build Status codecov PyPI Documentation is a cross-platform Python package implements a “direct” library interface our customized implementation of OpenDSS using DSS-Python. OpenDSS is an open-source distribution system simulator. See OpenDSSDirect.jl for a similar package in Julia, and for more context about this project and its components (including alternatives in MATLAB, C++ and C#/.NET), please check and our hub repository at dss-extensions/dss-extensions for more documentation, discussions and the FAQ.

As a reminder, although very compatible, this project is not supported by EPRI.

This package is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, including ARM and x86 variants.


The documentation for this package can be found here.


Recommended: Install Python using Miniconda or Anaconda

Open a command line interface and type the following.

pip install '[extras]'

See installation instructions for more information.


It is recommended to use conda to install pandas, which is currently a dependency of this package. This package interfaces with OpenDSS using the “direct” library interface, so a good understanding of OpenDSS will help troubleshooting. There are plenty of useful resources located here.

If you are having issues using this Python interface, feel free to open an Issue on GitHub here.


Thanks to @tshort, Davis, @temcdrm, @GordStephen, @Muxelmann and @PMeira for their contributions, as well as all the users for their valuable feedback.

See also our repositories for DSS-Python for the underlying Python package used in this package, and DSS C-API for the modified and extended OpenDSS codebase used in DSS-Extensions.

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