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Generators Class

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Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  dss_sharp
Assembly:  dss_sharp (in dss_sharp.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class Generators : ContextState

The Generators type exposes the following members.

Public methodGenerators
Initializes a new instance of the Generators class
Public propertyAllNames
Array of strings with all Generator names in the circuit.
Public propertyBus1
Bus to which the Generator is connected. May include specific node specification. (API Extension)
Public propertyClass
An arbitrary integer number representing the class of Generator so that Generator values may be segregated by class. (API Extension)
Public propertyCount
Number of Generator objects in active circuit.
Public propertydaily
Name of the loadshape for a daily generation profile. (API Extension)
Public propertyduty
Name of the loadshape for a duty cycle simulation. (API Extension)
Public propertyFirst
Sets the first Generator active. Returns 0 if no more.
Public propertyForcedON
Indicates whether the generator is forced ON regardles of other dispatch criteria.
Public propertyidx
Get/set active Generator by index; index is 1-based: 1..count
Public propertyIsDelta
Generator connection. True/1 if delta connection, False/0 if wye. (API Extension)
Public propertykV
Voltage base for the active generator, kV
Public propertykva
kVA rating of electrical machine. Applied to machine or inverter definition for Dynamics mode solutions. (API Extension)
Public propertykvar
kvar output for the active generator. Updates power factor based on present kW value.
Public propertykVArated
kVA rating of the generator
Public propertykW
kW output for the active generator. kvar is updated for current power factor.
Public propertyModel
Generator Model
Public propertyName
Sets the active Generator by Name.
Public propertyNext
Sets the next Generator active. Returns 0 if no more.
Public propertyPF
Power factor (pos. = producing vars). Updates kvar based on present kW value.
Public propertyPhases
Number of phases
Public propertyRegisterNames
Array of Names of all generator energy meter registers
Public propertyRegisterValues
Array of valus in generator energy meter registers.
Public propertyStatus
Response to dispatch multipliers: Fixed=1 (dispatch multipliers do not apply), Variable=0 (follows curves). Related enumeration: GeneratorStatus (API Extension)
Public propertyVmaxpu
Vmaxpu for generator model
Public propertyVminpu
Vminpu for Generator model
Public propertyYearly
Name of yearly loadshape (API Extension)
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Public methodGetContextHandle
Returns the low-level handle of the current OpenDSS/DSS-CAPI instance.
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