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dss_sharp Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

DSS Sharp is a project from DSS Extensions. DSS Extensions provide an open-source, multiplatform, multiarchitecture, extended alternative (unofficial, not provided by EPRI) OpenDSS engine, highly compatible with the official OpenDSS COM implementation and more.
DSS Sharp tries to mimic the organization of the official OpenDSS COM interfaces, plus several extensions (new properties and methods, and whole new classes). If you find conflicting behavior, feel free to report at

For a general introduction visit Follow the development of the general documentation at

The DSS Sharp project is currently organized in a single main namespace.

  • The root dss_sharp namespace contains the OpenDSS engine as encapsulated in the DSS class. Some enums are also provided and will be complemented in the future as DSS C-API progresses.
  • The dss_sharp.native namespace contains the DSS_CAPI class, listing the low-level functions (omitted from HTML docs).
  • The dss_sharp.detail contains internal utility classes such as APIUtil.

Note: we do not plan to add detailed OpenDSS information in this .NET documentation. Otherwise, please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions.