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Bus Class

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Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  dss_sharp
Assembly:  dss_sharp (in dss_sharp.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class Bus : ContextState

The Bus type exposes the following members.

Public methodBus
Initializes a new instance of the Bus class
Public propertyAllPCEatBus
Returns an array with the names of all PCE connected to the active bus
Public propertyAllPDEatBus
Returns an array with the names of all PDE connected to the active bus
Public propertyCoorddefined
False=0 else True. Indicates whether a coordinate has been defined for this bus
Public propertyCplxSeqVoltages
Complex Double array of Sequence Voltages (0, 1, 2) at this Bus.
Public propertyCust_Duration
Accumulated customer outage durations
Public propertyCust_Interrupts
Annual number of customer-interruptions from this bus
Public propertyDistance
Distance from energymeter (if non-zero)
Public propertyInt_Duration
Average interruption duration, hr.
Public propertyIsc
Short circuit currents at bus; Complex Array.
Public propertyItemInt32
Public propertyItemString
Public propertykVBase
Base voltage at bus in kV
Public propertyLambda
Accumulated failure rate downstream from this bus; faults per year
Public propertyLineList
List of strings: Full Names of LINE elements connected to the active bus.
Public propertyLoadList
List of strings: Full Names of LOAD elements connected to the active bus.
Public propertyN_Customers
Total numbers of customers served downline from this bus
Public propertyN_interrupts
Number of interruptions this bus per year
Public propertyName
Name of Bus
Public propertyNodes
Integer Array of Node Numbers defined at the bus in same order as the voltages.
Public propertyNumNodes
Number of Nodes this bus.
Public propertypuVLL
Returns Complex array of pu L-L voltages for 2- and 3-phase buses. Returns -1.0 for 1-phase bus. If more than 3 phases, returns only 3 phases.
Public propertypuVmagAngle
Array of doubles containig voltage magnitude, angle pairs in per unit
Public propertypuVoltages
Complex Array of pu voltages at the bus.
Public propertySectionID
Integer ID of the feeder section in which this bus is located.
Public propertySeqVoltages
Double Array of sequence voltages at this bus.
Public propertyTotalMiles
Total length of line downline from this bus, in miles. For recloser siting algorithm.
Public propertyVLL
For 2- and 3-phase buses, returns array of complex numbers represetin L-L voltages in volts. Returns -1.0 for 1-phase bus. If more than 3 phases, returns only first 3.
Public propertyVMagAngle
Array of doubles containing voltages in Magnitude (VLN), angle (deg)
Public propertyVoc
Open circuit voltage; Complex array.
Public propertyVoltages
Complex array of voltages at this bus.
Public propertyx
X Coordinate for bus (double)
Public propertyy
Y coordinate for bus(double)
Public propertyYscMatrix
Complex array of Ysc matrix at bus. Column by column.
Public propertyZsc0
Complex Zero-Sequence short circuit impedance at bus.
Public propertyZSC012Matrix
Array of doubles (complex) containing the complete 012 Zsc matrix
Public propertyZsc1
Complex Positive-Sequence short circuit impedance at bus..
Public propertyZscMatrix
Complex array of Zsc matrix at bus. Column by column.
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Public methodGetContextHandle
Returns the low-level handle of the current OpenDSS/DSS-CAPI instance.
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