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Transformers Class

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Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  dss_sharp
Assembly:  dss_sharp (in dss_sharp.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class Transformers : ContextState

The Transformers type exposes the following members.

Public methodTransformers
Initializes a new instance of the Transformers class
Public propertyAllLossesByType
Complex array with the losses by type (total losses, load losses, no-load losses), in VA, concatenated for ALL transformers
Public propertyAllNames
Array of strings with all Transformer names in the circuit.
Public propertyCoreType
Transformer Core Type: 0=shell;1 = 1-phase; 3= 3-leg; 5= 5-leg
Public propertyCount
Number of Transformer objects in active circuit.
Public propertyFirst
Sets the first Transformer active. Returns 0 if no more.
Public propertyidx
Get/set active Transformer by index; index is 1-based: 1..count
Public propertyIsDelta
Active Winding delta or wye connection?
Public propertykV
Active Winding kV rating. Phase-phase for 2 or 3 phases, actual winding kV for 1 phase transformer.
Public propertykVA
Active Winding kVA rating. On winding 1, this also determines normal and emergency current ratings for all windings.
Public propertyLossesByType
Complex array with the losses by type (total losses, load losses, no-load losses), in VA
Public propertyMaxTap
Active Winding maximum tap in per-unit.
Public propertyMinTap
Active Winding minimum tap in per-unit.
Public propertyName
Sets the active Transformer by Name.
Public propertyNext
Sets the next Transformer active. Returns 0 if no more.
Public propertyNumTaps
Active Winding number of tap steps betwein MinTap and MaxTap.
Public propertyNumWindings
Number of windings on this transformer. Allocates memory; set or change this property first.
Public propertyR
Active Winding resistance in %
Public propertyRdcOhms
dc Resistance of active winding in ohms for GIC analysis
Public propertyRneut
Active Winding neutral resistance [ohms] for wye connections. Set less than zero for ungrounded wye.
Public propertystrWdgCurrents
All winding currents in CSV string form like the WdgCurrents property
Public propertyTap
Active Winding tap in per-unit.
Public propertyWdg
Active Winding Number from 1..NumWindings. Update this before reading or setting a sequence of winding properties (R, Tap, kV, kVA, etc.)
Public propertyWdgCurrents
All Winding currents (ph1, wdg1, wdg2,... ph2, wdg1, wdg2 ...)
Public propertyWdgVoltages
Complex array of voltages for active winding
Public propertyXfmrCode
Name of an XfrmCode that supplies electircal parameters for this Transformer.
Public propertyXhl
Percent reactance between windings 1 and 2, on winding 1 kVA base. Use for 2-winding or 3-winding transformers.
Public propertyXht
Percent reactance between windigns 1 and 3, on winding 1 kVA base. Use for 3-winding transformers only.
Public propertyXlt
Percent reactance between windings 2 and 3, on winding 1 kVA base. Use for 3-winding transformers only.
Public propertyXneut
Active Winding neutral reactance [ohms] for wye connections.
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Public methodGetContextHandle
Returns the low-level handle of the current OpenDSS/DSS-CAPI instance.
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