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Loads Properties

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The Loads type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllNames
Array of strings with all Load names in the circuit.
Public propertyAllocationFactor
Factor for allocating loads by connected xfkva
Public propertyCfactor
Factor relates average to peak kw. Used for allocation with kwh and kwhdays
Public propertyClass
Public propertyCount
Number of Load objects in active circuit.
Public propertyCVRcurve
Name of a loadshape with both Mult and Qmult, for CVR factors as a function of time.
Public propertyCVRvars
Percent reduction in Q for percent reduction in V. Must be used with dssLoadModelCVR.
Public propertyCVRwatts
Percent reduction in P for percent reduction in V. Must be used with dssLoadModelCVR.
Public propertydaily
Name of the loadshape for a daily load profile.
Public propertyduty
Name of the loadshape for a duty cycle simulation.
Public propertyFirst
Sets the first Load active. Returns 0 if no more.
Public propertyGrowth
Name of the growthshape curve for yearly load growth factors.
Public propertyidx
Get/set active Load by index; index is 1-based: 1..count
Public propertyIsDelta
Delta loads are connected line-to-line.
Public propertykV
Set kV rating for active Load. For 2 or more phases set Line-Line kV. Else actual kV across terminals.
Public propertykva
Base load kva. Also defined kw and kvar or pf input, or load allocation by kwh or xfkva.
Public propertykvar
Get/set kvar for active Load. If set, updates PF based on present kW.
Public propertykW
Set kW for active Load. Updates kvar based on present PF.
Public propertykwh
kwh billed for this period. Can be used with Cfactor for load allocation.
Public propertykwhdays
Length of kwh billing period for average demand calculation. Default 30.
Public propertyModel
The Load Model defines variation of P and Q with voltage.
Public propertyName
Sets the active Load by Name.
Public propertyNext
Sets the next Load active. Returns 0 if no more.
Public propertyNumCust
Number of customers in this load, defaults to one.
Public propertyPctMean
Average percent of nominal load in Monte Carlo studies; only if no loadshape defined for this load.
Public propertypctSeriesRL
Percent of Load that is modeled as series R-L for harmonics studies
Public propertyPctStdDev
Percent standard deviation for Monte Carlo load studies; if there is no loadshape assigned to this load.
Public propertyPF
Get or set Power Factor for Active Load. Specify leading PF as negative. Updates kvar based on present value of kW
Public propertyPhases
Number of phases
Public propertyRelWeight
Relative Weighting factor for the active LOAD
Public propertyRneut
Neutral resistance for wye-connected loads.
Public propertySensor
Name of the sensor monitoring this load.
Public propertySpectrum
Name of harmonic current spectrrum shape.
Public propertyStatus
Response to load multipliers: Fixed (growth only), Exempt (no LD curve), Variable (all).
Public propertyVmaxpu
Maximum per-unit voltage to use the load model. Above this, constant Z applies.
Public propertyVminemerg
Minimum voltage for unserved energy (UE) evaluation.
Public propertyVminnorm
Minimum voltage for energy exceeding normal (EEN) evaluations.
Public propertyVminpu
Minimum voltage to apply the load model. Below this, constant Z is used.
Public propertyxfkVA
Rated service transformer kVA for load allocation, using AllocationFactor. Affects kW, kvar, and pf.
Public propertyXneut
Neutral reactance for wye-connected loads.
Public propertyYearly
Name of yearly duration loadshape
Public propertyZIPV
Array of 7 doubles with values for ZIPV property of the load object
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