DSS Extensions — Repositories

This is a collection of links to repositories that either use one of the projects under DSS Extensions, or list them as working alternatives. Follow here for a list of papers that reference DSS Extensions.

No extensive curation has been done. Licenses, state of development, maturity and support vary. When in doubt, please contact the authors of each repository.

The table is sorted by URL, that automatically groups by author/organization.

Please feel free to open an issue or PR if you wish to include/update/exclude your repository link or paper.

Link Title/description
4everyng/FLISR FLISR: Fault isolation and restoration functions with OpenDSS data import
birkaransachdev/hunting-sims Hunting Simulations using OpenDSS code
christos21/bottom_up BUMP: Smart Grid Bottom-up Modeling and Power-flow Analysis
csiro-energy-systems/RepresentativeLVNetworks Public Release of Julia and Python code and data from CSIRO’s Low-Voltage Feeder Taxonomy (LVFT) Study
dpinney/omf The Open Modeling Framework for smart grid cost-benefit analysis
dsilvafrano/solarcalc Python code for 25 year PV economic analysis
dualslash/opendss Docker Interface for OpenDSS
eepdnaclk/PV_rephasing-smartgrid PV rephasing research
eepdnaclk/state_estimation-smartgrid State Estimation work in Smart Grid
Energy-MAC/DSSDirectMicrogrid Use OpenDSS to run Power Flow calculations in a Microgrid
felipemarkson/dssdata A python micro-framework for simulation and data analysis of electrical distribution systems modeled on OpenDSS.
Fghow55/CosimulationProject CosimulationProject: “My summer 2022-23 research project for the FAN group at the University of Auckland. It’s a cosimulation algorithm written in Python that interacts with grid models in OpenDSS and Opal-RT.”
GMLC-TDC/pesgm-2019-helics-tutorial PESGM 2019 HELICS tutorial
GreenEVT/GreenEVT Greensboro Electric Vehicle Testbed
idaholab/Caldera_Grid Caldera and OpenDSS co-simulation platform using HELICS
LLNL/gridds GridDS: Data Science Toolkit for Energy Grid Data (GridDS)
mesmo-dev/mesmo MESMO - Multi-Energy System Modeling and Optimization
NREL/DG2 (DG)² is an impact analysis tool
NREL/disco DISCO (Distribution Integration Solution Cost Options)
NREL/ditto DiTTo is a Distribution Transformation Tool that aims at providing an open source framework to convert various distribution systems modeling formats
NREL/dss-cosim Distribution system co-simulation with OpenDSS and DER controls
NREL/DSS-SimPy-RL NREL/DSS-SimPy-RL: This repository is an Reinforcement Learning Platform for learning agents to control cyber-physical Power Distribution Systems resiliently. The cyber environment in based on SimPy Discrete Event Simulator, while the distribution system is backened by Open-DSS.
NREL/EMeRGE Modern tool for exploring and performing DER impact assessment for power distribution networks.
NREL/erad Graph based python tool for computing equitable resilience
NREL/EVOLVE Evolution of Net Load Variation from Emerging Technologies (EVOLVE)
NREL/mpc4clr MPC4CLR is a Julia- and Python-based software package for the application of model predictive control (MPC) for critical load restoration (CLR) in power distribution systems
NREL/OpenDSS-wrapper Distribution system simulation python wrapper that connects OpenDSSDirect.py with a co-simulation framework
NREL/PowerGridworld PowerGridworld: A Framework for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in Power Systems
NREL/PyDSS PyDSS is a high level python interface for OpenDSS
openEDI/sgidal-example This example shows how to use the GADAL (Grid Algorithms and Data Analytics Library) api to manage simulations. We also use it as a testing ground for the testing the combination of feeders, state estimation, and distributed OPF.
Paralelopipet/RL_VVC_dataset A Reinforcement Learning-based Volt-VAR Control Dataset
patsec/ot-sim OT-sim is a set of modules that run simulated OT devices in VMs or containers. It allows researchers to represent a physical system, at scale, in a co-simulation environment for specific or system-wide testing and evaluation without impacting a real-world system. Over time, our goal is to include additional protocol support and hardware-in-the-loop capability.
siemens/powergym PowerGym is a Gym-like environment for Volt-Var control in power distribution systems.
sonercandas/fledge FLEDGE - Flexible Distribution Grid Demonstrator
supsi-dacd-isaac/krangpower krangpower: Distribution System Simulator based on OpenDSS and OpenDSSDirect.py. Modern Syntax, DataFrames, Pint, Networkx, Algorithmic Agents.
sustainable-computing/co_sim_platform Maestro is a smart grid co-simulation platform built on top of Mosaik
sustainable-computing/deadline-aware-fair-scheduling A Deadline-Aware, Incentive-Compatible and Proportionally-Fair Mechanism for EV Charging in Distribution Grids
tamu-engineering-research/OpenGridGym OpenGridGym is an Open-Source AI-friendly toolkit for distribution market simulation
Team-Nando/Tutorial-DERHostingCapacity-0-dss_python Tutorial on DER Hosting Capacity - Part 0: Using dss_python
Team-Nando/Tutorial-DERHostingCapacity-1-AdvancedTools_LV Tutorial on DER Hosting Capacity - Part 1: Advanced Tools for the Analysis of Three-Phase Unbalanced LV Networks
Team-Nando/Tutorial-DERHostingCapacity-2-TimeSeries_LV Tutorial on DER Hosting Capacity - Part 2: Time-Series Analysis of Three-Phase Unbalanced LV Networks
typhoon-hil/opendss-typhoon-hil-interface OpenDSS to Typhoon interface library
urbanopt/urbanopt-ditto-reader Enhancement of URBANopt GeoJSON that can be consumed by DiTTo reader
Zecao/ExecutorOpenDssBr A C#(Visual Studio) OpenDSS customization to calculate the power flow of brazilian feeders created from GeoPerdasANEEL database