Be sure to check the FAQ. It addresses some common issues.

The quality and volume of documentation across the projects vary. In 2022, the overall documentation effort was launched at the DSS-Extentions hub repository. The new websites, launched in 2024, are based on that.

This main site contains the topics listed at the end of the page. For documentation on specific projects, visit the specific links:

An important reminder is that most of the original COM API functionality is exposed in most projects. As expected, the calling convention and general package organization does change from package to package. The API extensions, which include many extra functions and toggles, try to follow the conventions of each package. See the known differences document for an overview of the changes you can expected from using a DSS-Extensions project instead of the official OpenDSS.

Most of the documentation focuses on the API facet. For a reference of the OpenDSS commands and properties at script level, on the DSS basic scripting language, users can refer to the official OpenDSS documentation, or use DSS-Extensions: OpenDSS Commands and Properties as a quick reference until we organize a general documentation covering important aspects of the projects listed here.