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class dss.IGICSources.IGICSources(api_util)#

Bases: dss._cffi_api_util.Iterable

property AllNames: List[str]#

Array of all names of this object type

property Bus1: str#

First bus name of GICSource (Created name)

property Bus2: str#

Second bus name

property Count: int#

Number of objects of this type

property EE: float#

Eastward E Field, V/km

property EN: float#

Northward E Field V/km

property First: int#

Sets the first object of this type active. Returns 0 if none.

property Lat1: float#

Latitude of Bus1 (degrees)

property Lat2: float#

Latitude of Bus2 (degrees)

property Lon1: float#

Longitude of Bus1 (Degrees)

property Lon2: float#

Longitude of Bus2 (Degrees)

property Name: str#

Gets the current name or sets the active object of this type by name

property Next: int#

Sets next object of this type active. Returns 0 if no more.

property Phases: int#

Number of Phases, this GICSource element.

property Volts: float#

Specify dc voltage directly

__iter__() Iterator[dss._cffi_api_util.Iterable]#

Get an iterator of the object collection.

Note that OpenDSS, via the classic APIs, only allow a single object of a specific type to be activated. That is, you cannot use references of distinct objects and interact with both at the same time, or keep a reference to use later. You need to reactivate the target object or ensure it is the active one.

For an alternative, consider using our AltDSS-Python package.

(API Extension)

__len__() int#
property idx: int#

Gets the current index or sets the active object of this type by index

While the official API included this for some classes, this is an API Extension for:

  • Capacitors

  • CapControls

  • ISources

  • LineCodes

  • Lines

  • LoadShapes

  • Meters

  • Monitors

  • RegControls

  • Sensors

  • SwtControls

  • Transformers

  • Vsources

  • XYCurves

(API Extension)