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Parallel machine interface


class dss.IParallel.IParallel(api_util, prefer_lists=False)#

Bases: dss._cffi_api_util.Base

Parallel machine interface

On DSS-Extensions, prefer using DSSContexts and native threading capabilities of your programming language, if available.

property ActiveActor: int#

Gets/sets the ID of the Active Actor

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ActiveActor.html

property ActiveParallel: int#

(read) Sets ON/OFF (1/0) Parallel features of the Engine (write) Delivers if the Parallel features of the Engine are Active

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ActiveParallel.html

property ActorCPU: int#

Gets/sets the CPU of the Active Actor

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ActorCPU.html

property ActorProgress: dss._types.Int32Array#

Gets the progress of all existing actors in pct

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ActorProgress.html

property ActorStatus: dss._types.Int32Array#

Gets the status of each actor

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ActorStatus.html

property ConcatenateReports: int#

(read) Reads the values of the ConcatenateReports option (1=enabled, 0=disabled) (write) Enable/Disable (1/0) the ConcatenateReports option for extracting monitors data

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ConcatenateReports.html


Create a new actor, if there are still cores available.

property NumCPUs: int#

Delivers the number of CPUs on the current PC

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/NumCPUs.html

property NumCores: int#

Delivers the number of Cores of the local PC

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/NumCores.html

property NumOfActors: int#

Gets the number of Actors created

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/NumOfActors.html


Suspends the host’s thread until all the OpenDSS running jobs finish.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/Wait.html

__init__(api_util, prefer_lists=False)#