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class dss.IMeters.IMeters(api_util)#

Bases: dss._cffi_api_util.Iterable

property AllBranchesInZone: List[str]#

Wide string list of all branches in zone of the active EnergyMeter object.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/AllBranchesInZone.html

property AllEndElements: List[str]#

Array of names of all zone end elements.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/AllEndElements.html

property AllNames: List[str]#

Array of all names of this object type

property AllocFactors: dss._types.Float64Array#

Array of doubles: set the phase allocation factors for the active meter.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/AllocFactors.html

property AvgRepairTime: float#

Average Repair time in this section of the meter zone

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/AvgRepairTime.html

property CalcCurrent: dss._types.Float64Array#

Set the magnitude of the real part of the Calculated Current (normally determined by solution) for the Meter to force some behavior on Load Allocation

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/CalcCurrent.html


Close All Demand Interval Files. Users are required to close the DI files at the end of a run.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/CloseAllDIFiles.html

property Count: int#

Number of objects of this type

property CountBranches: int#

Number of branches in Active EnergyMeter zone. (Same as sequence list size)

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/CountBranches.html

property CountEndElements: int#

Number of zone end elements in the active meter zone.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/CountEndElements.html

property CustInterrupts: float#

Total customer interruptions for this Meter zone based on reliability calcs.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/CustInterrupts.html

property DIFilesAreOpen: bool#

Global Flag in the DSS to indicate if Demand Interval (DI) files have been properly opened.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/DIFilesAreOpen.html

DoReliabilityCalc(AssumeRestoration: bool)#

Calculate reliability indices

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/DoReliabilityCalc.html

property FaultRateXRepairHrs: float#

Sum of Fault Rate time Repair Hrs in this section of the meter zone

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/FaultRateXRepairHrs.html

property First: int#

Sets the first object of this type active. Returns 0 if none.

property MeteredElement: str#

Name of metered element

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/MeteredElement.html

property MeteredTerminal: int#

Number of Metered Terminal

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/MeteredTerminal.html

property Name: str#

Gets the current name or sets the active object of this type by name

property Next: int#

Sets next object of this type active. Returns 0 if no more.

property NumSectionBranches: int#

Number of branches (lines) in this section

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/NumSectionBranches.html

property NumSectionCustomers: int#

Number of Customers in the active section.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/NumSectionCustomers.html

property NumSections: int#

Number of feeder sections in this meter’s zone

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/NumSections.html

property OCPDeviceType: dss.enums.OCPDevType#

Type of OCP device. 1=Fuse; 2=Recloser; 3=Relay

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/OCPDeviceType.html


Open Demand Interval (DI) files

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/OpenAllDIFiles.html

property Peakcurrent: dss._types.Float64Array#

Array of doubles to set values of Peak Current property

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/Peakcurrent.html

property RegisterNames: List[str]#

Array of strings containing the names of the registers.

See also the enum EnergyMeterRegisters for the standard register names. Besides those listed in the enumeration, users may need to check RegisterNames in order to find a specific register index at runtime.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/RegisterNames1.html

property RegisterValues: dss._types.Float64Array#

Array of all the values contained in the Meter registers for the active Meter.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/RegisterValues1.html


Resets registers of active meter.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/Reset2.html


Resets registers of all meter objects.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ResetAll.html

property SAIDI: float#

SAIDI for this meter’s zone. Execute DoReliabilityCalc first.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SAIDI.html

property SAIFI: float#

Returns SAIFI for this meter’s Zone. Execute Reliability Calc method first.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SAIFI.html

property SAIFIKW: float#

SAIFI based on kW rather than number of customers. Get after reliability calcs.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SAIFIKW.html


Forces active Meter to take a sample.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/Sample1.html


Causes all EnergyMeter objects to take a sample at the present time.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SampleAll.html


Saves meter register values.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/Save.html


Save All EnergyMeter objects

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SaveAll.html

property SectSeqIdx: int#

SequenceIndex of the branch at the head of this section

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SectSeqIdx.html

property SectTotalCust: int#

Total Customers downline from this section

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SectTotalCust.html

property SeqListSize: int#

Size of the Sequence List

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SeqListSize.html

property SequenceIndex: int#

Get/set Index into Meter’s SequenceList that contains branch pointers in lexical order. Earlier index guaranteed to be upline from later index. Sets PDelement active.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SequenceIndex.html

SetActiveSection(SectIdx: int)#
property SumBranchFltRates: float#

Sum of the branch fault rates in this section of the meter’s zone

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/SumBranchFltRates.html

property TotalCustomers: int#

Total Number of customers in this zone (downline from the EnergyMeter)

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/TotalCustomers.html

property Totals: dss._types.Float64Array#

Totals of all registers of all meters

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/Totals.html

property ZonePCE: List[str]#

Returns the list of all PCE within the area covered by the energy meter

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ZonePCE.html

__iter__() Iterator[dss._cffi_api_util.Iterable]#

Get an iterator of the object collection.

Note that OpenDSS, via the classic APIs, only allow a single object of a specific type to be activated. That is, you cannot use references of distinct objects and interact with both at the same time, or keep a reference to use later. You need to reactivate the target object or ensure it is the active one.

For an alternative, consider using our AltDSS-Python package.

(API Extension)

__len__() int#
property idx: int#

Gets the current index or sets the active object of this type by index

While the official API included this for some classes, this is an API Extension for:

  • Capacitors

  • CapControls

  • ISources

  • LineCodes

  • Lines

  • LoadShapes

  • Meters

  • Monitors

  • RegControls

  • Sensors

  • SwtControls

  • Transformers

  • Vsources

  • XYCurves

(API Extension)