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class dss.IParser.IParser(api_util, prefer_lists=False)#

Bases: dss._cffi_api_util.Base

property AutoIncrement: bool#

Default is FALSE. If TRUE, the parser automatically advances to next token after DblValue, IntValue, or StrValue. Simpler when you don’t need to check for parameter names.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/AutoIncrement.html

property BeginQuote: str#

Get/Set String containing the the characters for Quoting in OpenDSS scripts. Matching pairs defined in EndQuote. Default is “’([{.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/BeginQuote.html

property CmdString: str#

String to be parsed. Loading this string resets the Parser to the beginning of the line. Then parse off the tokens in sequence.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/CmdString.html

property DblValue: float#

Return next parameter as a double.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/DblValue.html

property Delimiters: str#

String defining hard delimiters used to separate token on the command string. Default is , and =. The = separates token name from token value. These override whitespace to separate tokens.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/Delimiters.html

property EndQuote: str#

String containing characters, in order, that match the beginning quote characters in BeginQuote. Default is “’)]}

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/EndQuote.html

property IntValue: int#

Return next parameter as a long integer.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/IntValue.html

Matrix(ExpectedOrder: int) dss._types.Float64Array#

Use this property to parse a Matrix token in OpenDSS format. Returns square matrix of order specified. Order same as default Fortran order: column by column.

property NextParam: str#

Get next token and return tag name (before = sign) if any. See AutoIncrement.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/NextParam.html


Reset the delimiters to their default values.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/ResetDelimiters.html

property StrValue: str#

Return next parameter as a string

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/StrValue.html

SymMatrix(ExpectedOrder: int) dss._types.Float64Array#

Use this property to parse a matrix token specified in lower triangle form. Symmetry is forced.

Vector(ExpectedSize: int) dss._types.Float64Array#

Returns token as array of doubles. For parsing quoted array syntax.

property WhiteSpace: str#

Get/set the characters used for White space in the command string. Default is blank and Tab.

Original COM help: https://opendss.epri.com/WhiteSpace.html

__init__(api_util, prefer_lists=False)#