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GICSources Properties

[This is preliminary documentation and is subject to change.]

The GICSources type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllNames
Array of strings with all GICSource names in the circuit.
Public propertyBus1
First bus name of GICSource (Created name)
Public propertyBus2
Second bus name
Public propertyCount
Number of GICSource objects in active circuit.
Public propertyEE
Eastward E Field, V/km
Public propertyEN
Northward E Field V/km
Public propertyFirst
Sets the first GICSource active. Returns 0 if no more.
Public propertyidx
Get/set active GICSource by index; index is 1-based: 1..count
Public propertyLat1
Latitude of Bus1 (degrees)
Public propertyLat2
Latitude of Bus2 (degrees)
Public propertyLon1
Longitude of Bus1 (Degrees)
Public propertyLon2
Longitude of Bus2 (Degrees)
Public propertyName
Sets the active GICSource by Name.
Public propertyNext
Sets the next GICSource active. Returns 0 if no more.
Public propertyPhases
Number of Phases, this GICSource element.
Public propertyVolts
Specify dc voltage directly
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