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Circuit Reduction interface


class altdss.ReduceCkt.IReduceCkt(api_util, prefer_lists=False)#

Bases: altdss.common.Base

Circuit Reduction interface


Remove all 1-phase laterals in the active EnergyMeter’s zone.

Loads and other shunt elements are moved to the parent 3-phase bus.


Remove (disable) all branches down-line from the active PDElement.

Circuit must have an EnergyMeter on this branch. If KeepLoad=Y (default), a new Load element is defined and kW, kvar are set to present power flow solution for the first element eliminated. The EditString is applied to each new Load element defined.


Reduce Dangling Algorithm; branches with nothing connected

Original COM help:


Do Default Reduction algorithm

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Break (disable) all the loops found in the active circuit.

Disables one of the Line objects at the head of a loop to force the circuit to be radial.


Merge all parallel lines found in the circuit to facilitate its reduction.


Do ShortLines algorithm: Set Zmag first if you don’t want the default

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Merge Line objects in which the IsSwitch property is true with the down-line Line object.

property EditString: str#

Edit String for RemoveBranches functions

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property EnergyMeter: str#

Name of EnergyMeter to use for reduction

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property KeepLoad: bool#

Keep load flag for Reduction options that remove branches

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SaveCircuit(CktName: AnyStr)#

Save present (reduced) circuit Filename is listed in the Text Result interface

property StartPDElement: str#

Start element for Remove Branch function

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property Zmag: float#

Zmag (ohms) for Reduce Option for Z of short lines

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__init__(api_util, prefer_lists=False)#